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10 Stunning Libraries from Around the World

10 Stunning Libraries from Around the World.

Okay, so I am impressed.  Come to think of it, I was even impressed ages ago on my first first to the public library in New Brunswick, NJ.  It had a metal spiral staircase to the upper shelves in the back section, metal grated floors, and a huge (so I thought) rotunda.  I drove my mother crazy to keep going back!  After all, in the little town I lived in at the time, Milltown, the library was a room in the basement of Joyce Kilmer School, next to the boiler room.  There were floor to ceiling shelves on 3 walls; half shelves on the ‘exterior’ wall by the hallway (since the top halve was metal mesh!), and 3 rows of bookcases.

Can you say ‘road trip,’ anyone?


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