September 26, 2016.

Monday was the best day of this surreal week.  My dearest Steve’s funeral was  Monday.  It was lovely and upbeat and sad and happy and very special.  They asked me what his favorite hymns were and the only ‘hymn’ I knew he liked was Victory in Jesus.  But them Pastor and Oliver (one of the worship team) asked wasn’t there any others, I said that the only one I could think of wasn’t a funeral song, it was Days of Elijah.  Oliver said, ‘Darren and I can make it work, don’t worry!’ And they did.  Bobby L. was even there to give his victory shout to the Lord.

I can’t believe how full the church was, how many people came.  My dear cousin Ray and his wife drove down from New Hampshire, my sister and husband came from Vermont.  Even Steve’s second oldest brother, Joe, was there (Joe doesn’t go to any family events much anymore.)

It was a good day.