Blogging Awards

Dear fellow bloggers, I have been debating for some time about the awards that go around our community.  They always require a posted article, many comments, and much interaction.  That’s absolutely wonderful!  But, my concern is for my ‘dear readers,’ as I like to refer those whose names I may never know – those of you who may be reading this on the Book of Faces, or because someone forwarded it to you via email.  How interested are you in a blogging award, which you’ve never heard of and can’t be bothered about?  So in deference to my dear readers, I am going to be moving these posts about awards and such to this page.

Fellow bloggers, I know you will have no problem navigating over here to say hello, and dear readers, if you choose not to, I will totally understand!

So let the awards begin migrating!  (Wait, can they do that?  Time will tell!)

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