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Roads “Scholar”

Some of the phrases I’ve been hearing a lot lately are “Why don’t you come to…?” Or, “I’m going – why don’t you?” Or even, “We’d love it if you came!” Who knew I was so popular! LOL!

In the last 6 months, these words or variations thereof have led me to flying to Nashville, Tennessee, for Christmas to see The Oak Ridge Boys, and while there, had me agreeing to drive 7 hours one way to Ohio in June to see the Boys! As if that wasn’t crazy enough, now they have me planning out a 13 day road trip to: go to Ohio to see the Boys, go to Cincinnati to go to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter, and going to the Louisville, Kentucky, area to see JD Shelburne’s Hometown Show in Taylorsville!

I just calculated an estimate on the mileage for this little jaunt – just driving to the hotels and venues is 1650 miles! I must be crazy. But, I’m going. I’m fed up with stupid, and ready to just do my own thing without allowing strangers dictate to me what I can do, where I can go, etc. I’m outta here, and hitting the road. Now, you’re probably wondering how this evolved from a simple weekend trip to a full-blown road trip.

Well, I blame it all on JD Shelburne! (Not really, but he’s young with broad shoulders – he can handle it!) JD is a talented singer/songwriter in Nashville. I began listening to him at the start of the “lockdowns” in March 2020, because he was doing a live mini concert every night on Facebook. I fell in love with his music. He’s got the cutest wife, and as of September, the sweetest little baby boy! I had planned to see him perform in December when I was in Nashville, but he had to cancel.

He has been trying to rebook his Hometown Show which naturally didn’t happen last year, and he finally did. Of course, I have been teasing him on Twitter that he wasn’t allowed to book it for when I had tickets to see the Oak Ridge Boys. He didn’t. He scheduled it for the Saturday after the Boys’ show in Hartville, Ohin! But Taylorsville is 15 hours one way from my home! So I tweeted that I probably wouldn’t be able to come.

Wouldn’t you know he tweets back, “But you have to come – I want to meet you finally!” I answered that there was no way this old lady could drive 14 hours round trip one weekend, then 30 hours round trip the next.

But, I promised I’d see what I could work out. The next day, it occurred to me that I had been planning with two friends on a bus trip to see a couple of attractions somewhere in Ohio or Kentucky. So, found the catalog and, yep, Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. Northern Kentucky, southern Ohio area. And only 4 hours from Hartville!

So now, the planning began in earnest. First 3 nights were already booked of course. On to Cincinnati! Turns out, the airport hotels are only about 30-40 minutes from both attractions. Done.

Kentucky was a bigger problem. First of all, it would have to be 6 to 7 nights, since the show is on Saturday. Decided 7 was better, that way I have a full day to rest after what could be a long day on Saturday. Also, I planned on a stop in West Virginia halfway home, so as not to be driving 15 hours.

So there you have it. Is this going to be fun? You betcha! Am I crazy? Probably. As a matter of fact, I may be certifiable! But guess what? I don’t care! I’m going, I’m going to have a blast, and I will continue to travel as long as I’m able!

So look out, world! I’m on my way!