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I Pledge Allegiance

You say I am flawless:

Redeemed, reborn, ransomed, renewed.

In your eyes perfect, I label I scorn..

For why would a king choose me as his own?

How could such a one take up such a part,

while all the time knowing the state of my heart.

There’s nothing at all I can lay at your feet

for all things you given, to my eyes so sweet.

Countries and rulers, kings and their thrones,

they come and they go as the wind blows, I’m told.

So to whom in all this should my allegiance be bound,

but the One who, rising, drove death to the ground!

For in him I am now to be called

holy and righteous, upright and made new –

’tis his deeds have done this, my own are so few.

So I’ll call you Father, Brother and Friend,

but above all else

Redeemer, King, Lord till the end.

(Post inspired by The Daily Prompt)