To everything…

It’s frigid again today in New Jersey. I’m in sweats and heavy socks, the dog is wearing his new (too-big) sweater I knit him (back to the drawing board!), and nothing would be nicer than curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea, in front of the electric fire, and binge watch something on DVD. Instead, I just went into the garage and backed the car out, and hauled the Christmas storage boxes into the house.  Time to take down the tree, pack up the Hallmark houses and Coca-Cola train, wrap up the nativity set.  Then I get to move the furniture back into place. 

But even though the trappings of Christmas get boxed up and put away for another year, the message and significance of Christmas never should!  What message, you ask?  A simple one. It’s the message of an Almighty God that so loves each person and individual that he does not want even one of them to live hopeless, sinful, without him. So he chose to give up heaven and everything he was to be born as a human child, to live a perfect life in order to show us how to live in a right relationship with God the Father, and then willingly chose to pay the blood price for all the sin committed by each human being who ever lived or who ever will.  

PAID the price. Slate wiped clean. Nothing further owed. But he not only paid the debt, Jesus CONQUERED the problem – sin and death – by rising, living and whole, to live forever.  And astoundingly, unbelievably, he offers us the same eternal life – if we believe with our hearts that Jesus did all that, and accept that gift of life that Jesus offers!

A message that doesn’t get packed up in a box from January till December. A message that is for all people in all times. A message of hope, love, joy.  Will you hear? Will you answer? Will you accept the gift?



“A comprehended God is no God at all. ”

Gerhard Tersteegen

A Month of Stitching

I’ve spent a great deal of time this month working on crafts – counted cross stitch, knitting, etc.  Why? Because when we moved last summer to our new home, I came across a box of craft items that my mom and I had collected – it hadn’t been opened since before we moved to south Jersey in 1989.

The box contained 2 large floss organizers full of embroirdery thread, 2 small ones of various notions, pattern books and charts, aida cloth, hoops, a clock kit that is designed to be covered with a cross stitch motif, gold bookmarks, oraments and keychains ready to embroider – you get the idea.  In addition to that I knew that I already had a large tablecloth that I started to embroider when I was in high school – back in the 1960’s – which still needs to be finished!

Now of course add to all that all the knitting projects and yarn that I have stockpiled and you know why I started to really work on these projects, trying to finish them up. So far, I have completed 3 Christmas tea towels, a small motif to use as an insert in a greeting card, plus a set of fingerless gloves and earwarmers for a friend.  I am determined to get all these various projects done and out of the house in 2018! Can you say Christmas and birthday gifting sorted?


A thought

If you do only one thing this Christmas season, make sure you cherish one another.



O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens. – Psalm 8:1