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Kicking off Christmas in Style!

Anyone who knows me, either in person or through social media, knows that I love music, especially live music. Maybe it’s musician envy for their talents, since mine consists solely of being able to play the piano well enough to amuse myself, if no one else. Maybe it’s from growing up in a home Daddy saw most of the Big Bands in person and built himself a huge stereo system from a Heath Kit, just so he could enjoy all his vinyl recordings. Who knows? Anyway, I love music, but especially live shows and concerts.

There are of course the favorites – The Oak Ridge Boys front and center of course! but one of their members has become a sweet acquaintance recently – Mr. William Lee Golden.

Being a very youthful and energetic octogenarian, William Lee got bored in 2020. So, he did something about it: he wrote an autobiography, he recorded an album with The Oak Ridge Boys, and he got 3 of his sons, some grandkids, and some friends together to sing. At home at first, but then they took it to the studio, and recorded 34 songs on 3 albums! Wish I had half that energy, sir! Then when live started getting back to somewhat normal, he and his family took to the concert circuit. Now mind you, he still tours 150-200 shows a year with the Oaks!

Well, last night, William Lee Golden and the Goldens did a show up in Livingston, TN, at Iron & Oak Event Center. The show was half Christmas music and half not, and was an excellent show overall. First, this venue was beautiful and well organized, very intimate. Depending on the size of the crowd, there may be tables instead of rows, and food service. Last night there WERE tables, so got to sample the food. There was an interesting menu, but I didn’t want a lot, so settled for the chicken fingers. Very well cooked and presented – tender and moist, and some of the crispest fries I’ve ever had.

The first part of the show was the non-Christmas part, but they kicked off with Deck the Halls! Then they did a number of songs form their album project such as Hillbilly Highway, The Long and Winding Road, Jambalaya, and Welcome to My World. The Christmas portion included traditional secular songs like Jingle Bells, White Christmas (featuring bass, Tim Duncan), and a song written by Rusty Golden, Christmas Time’s a-Comin’. Rusty also did a rocking version of Run, Run Rudolph!

The sweetest part of the evening was when they switched over to music about the real reason for Christmas – the birth of Jesus. A medley of Away in the Manger & There’s a New Kid in Town was followed by: Beuatiful Star of Bethlehem, Silent Night, (medly) Angels We Have Heard on High &O Come Let All Ye Faithful, and finished with We wWish You a Merry Christmas. They guys invited the audience to sing along with these Christmas favorites, whisch was particularly lovely on Silent Night!

After the show, the VIP section was invited to take photos with the guys, being respectful of the fact that William Lee still has 30+ (yes, 30+) shows to do with the Oaks before Christmas Day! No kissing and passing germs around please. (Of course, William Lee being who he is was hugging anyone he knew! LOL.)

William Lee Golden and I talking about who knows what!

I forgot to mention the awesome musicians who accompanied the Goldens! Steve Hinson was on Lead guitar, steel, and I think dobro. Larry Marrs was on bass, and Ric McClure on drums. All great musicians and very sweet in the bargain!

So if William Lee Golden and The Goldens are playing anywhere near you, GO! And if you’re ever in Middle Tennessee, vist the charming town of Livingston and the Iron & Oak Event Venue!



I am a Daughter of the Almighty King, a 60-something knitter, reader, Oak Ridge Boys fan to the max!

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