Facebook Woes

Facebook is starting to drive me crazy. Well-meaning friends constantly sharing and reposting fake news stories about one thing or another. And now, they are sending me messages on Messenger! Stop the insanity!

Gentle readers, can’t we be smart about social media? Please?

I mean, really, if you don’t know Jayden K. Smith personally, why on earth would he send you a friend request? That should tip off anyone (except some one who really does know him) that the story is faked. And you would not invite a random stranger in your front door, would you? Do why would you even consider accepting a friend request from one? DELETE IT! 

If you read a story and do want to share it, please check out the truth first. Use snopes.com or thatsnonsense.com to see if it’s legit. Go to a real newspaper to see if it really happened. Check it out! Please.

If it keeps up I guess I’ll just have to ‘unfollow’ everyone, and just use Facebook to wish you a happy birthday, and to play Hay Day! Just sayin’. 


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