Spring is coming.  Slowly, ever so slowly this year. Partly it’s the weather, partly it’s the winter in my soul.

But the sun is trying to shine outside finally, the temperatures are rising about 60 (sometimes.)  And the Son has me secure in his arms as always.

It’s funny how the little things affect me these days.  I was hanging around waiting to leave to meet a friend and see a movie last week, and started to be overwhelmed with anxiety and panic.  Another day I saw a neighbor outside, and she called over that whe would stop to say goodbye before she moved later in the week, and I began to dread having someone ring my doorbell.  Why?

I think it’s because, since Steve’s death, I lost my safety cushion, my anchor.  I realized as I thought about it that the last time I really became panicked about going out or meeting people was before Steve and I met.

But God is always good, and when I remember to count the blessings I’ve had, when I choose to remember God’s love and grace and mercy, the sun peeks out a little more and a little more.

flowers in snow


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