A Little Revolution?

I naively thought that there would be some relief from all the wrangling and acrimony after the election was over. But people are still complaining. It seems they don’t even understand the basic structure and purpose of our form of government. It was designed (1) to allow EVERYONE, even those you don’t agree with, to have a voice in who governs them; (2) to ensure a peaceful transition of power, instead of the military coups and revolutions that have marked other systems in other parts of the world, and (3) to ensure that no junta or dictatorial power play happens.  “We, the people” is ALL of us, it’s not “us” and “them.”

In addition, there is still a lot of talk about business, people who engage in business, who run businesses. Some declaim against all the capitalism in the USA, who say businesses should be regulated, even taxed out of existence.  Okay, let’s look at you and capitalism and business and what you can do about it.

If you no longer want to participate in a capitalist economy, here’s some of the changes you need to make. First, stop buying things.  If you buy something and don’t produce it yourself, you participate in capitalism.  So you will need to grow your own food (remembering, of course’ that you can’t buy the seeds – you have to find some other way to find them.)  You need to make your own clothing, shoes, soap, furniture, house, dishes, cooking vessels, even your own cosmetics. No more calling your Mary Kay consultant to refill your cleanser!

You can’t make money because that’s capitalism. You can’t sell what you produce because that’s capitalism. Oh, and you can’t buy your electricity, oil, or gas for heating, cooking, or cooling – they are products of capitalism. Getting the picture?

What about the objections to business in general?  Take a second and think about the guy you just called to hang some wallpaper for you – he is building his business.  The plumber, electrician, the auto mechanic? Many of them own their own businesses too. What about them? You want the government to tax them out of existence?  Then we’re back to making everything on your own. not obtaining it from someone else.

It’s a simple fact that nothing happens until somebody sells someone something.  It is what changed civilization from an agrarian society into a producer-consumer society.  So, it’s time for a reality check, people.

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