Be Still … part 2

Why do I allow myself to get so stressed over circumstances?  After all, one of the best stories I ever heard goes like this:

A pastor is greeting his congregation after a service, and asks one, ‘How are your doing?’  ‘Not bad, under the circumstances.’ The pastor said, ‘Why do you say that?  As a Christian, we are called and enabled to live above the circumstances of life.’

But I do.  Moving was a struggle this time – the uncertainty of whether or not these kids buying our house were ever going to get any of the necessary paperwork done, the constant changing of dates, etc.  It was crazy.

But GOD!  But God knew how it would work. But God knew when it was right. But God was in each and every detail.

So, what was my problem?  The same as always – lack of mindfulness.  I forgot to focus, to keep my eyes on Jesus, to remember His faithfulness.  In short, my imperfect human-ness got in the way.  Again.  Always.  Ugh.

Now what?  Well, it’s back to my free-weights class with the ladies on Tuesday nights to keep the body moving, back to The Daniel Plan group on Thursdays to keep connected and focused on a healthy, God-directed lifestyle, back to remembering to say ‘Thank you, Father,” for each and every thing in my life, good or bad.  In short, I need to get back to walking the walk and being a follower of Christ that way He asks me to.  So, Lord, I just ask you to help me to focus on You before each step, before each decision.  Help me to follow in your footsteps, carry me when I can’t, and show me by your example how to live!

beach footsteps


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