Learning Curve

Moving is a pain in the neck.  I’ve done it 5 times in my life (not counting moving in and out of college dorms and apartments) and it is not any easier.  As a matter of fact, it’s seems more difficult these days.  At least, the selling end of it all seems to be.  I am convinced that first or second time homebuyers expect this to be their dream home, with everything done, no flaws, no problems, everything brand new.  All this while buying a townhouse that is over 30 years old!  Can we try a reality check here, please?

They’ll learn.

But, by the same token, I am learning as well.  Learning to trust my Lord to lead the way, instead of me pushing forward.  Learning to curb my tongue, harness my attitude, to extend grace.  Do I do it perfectly?  Of course not!  My ‘house’ is as flawed as the 30-year old townhouse.  After all, it’s had twice as long to develop flaws!  But is going to Jesus to ask for help in repairing this flawed house of mine first (rather than last) becoming more of a habit?  Yes, I think so.

But I still hate packing.  Anyone want a job? 🙂


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