An Enlarged Heart

A medical condition known as “cardiomegaly” is not generally considered a good thing.  It means your heart is working harder than it should, trying to deliver oxygenated blood to the rest of your body.  It can be genetic, or the result of something else being wrong in your body such as high blood pressure or valve disease, or it can sometimes become weak for unknown reasons (idiopathic). You should work with a qualified doctor to treat this condition.

However, there can be times when an ‘enlarged heart’ is a good thing.  But I;m not talking about your physical heart – rather, your spiritual heart, the one at the center of your being, the heart that is Command Central for your emotions.  This morning, I read a statement by Anne Cetas:

God tests our patience to enlarge our hearts.

Ms Cetas was writing about patience and kindness, and how quickly we all jump when we feel slighted, frustrated, ignored, wronged, hurt, rejected, etc., etc., etc..  Oh boy, is that me – “Did that guy just cut me off?  Where’s his turn signal?”  “Why did she have the nerve to jump to the front of the check out line?  Plus, SHE has more than 10 items!”  Sound like you, too?  So what are we to do?

First, gentle readers, let me suggest, nay, urge you, to seek out the true source of kindness and love: my best friend, Jesus.  He has experienced every hurt, frustration, insult that you and I have, and then some!  Watch him.  Learn from him.  After all, if we want to excel at a sport, don’t we go to a pro to teach us?  So go to the One who is the ‘pro’ at kindness and love.

Second, kindness and patience are the outcome, the fruit, of the working of the Holy Spirit in us.  (Galatians 5:22-23) They don’t come naturally to us flawed humans.  We need an advocate, someone to teach us how.  Hence, one of Jesus’ gifts to us:  the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit of God opens hearts and minds, teaching and correcting, guiding and prompting.  Tap into his power, get to know him.

Enlarge your heart today!

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