Plan B

So. What are you supposed to do when you have half dozen bell peppers, a pound of green beans, a Cauliflower, ingredients ror a chopped salad,  and have cooked ahead the ground beef for empañadas, in preparation for a party for 12 people, and instead you get a blizzard?  20.5 inches worth.

Well, first you bake a tray of empañadas and make the chopped salad for dinner for 2 instead of 12 the night of the party.

Then you take some of the bell peppers, ciput in half, and stuff with the ground beef filling, and serve with the chopped salad fir dinner the next day.

Then you figure out what to do with the green beans, the Cauliflower, and the 4 other red peppers!

I saud it before and I’ll say it again. I despise winter. And blizzards. And snow.

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