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Saturday Smiles

I found this lovely tribute to one of our great comics, Lou Costello (March 6, 1906 – March 3, 1959.) I wanted to share this with you.  Also, check out the author’s website below- there are a lot of very funny limericks you may enjoy!

There once was a man called Costello
A silly Vaudevillian fellow
He expired this day
So this tribute we pay
To a man who was shaped like a cello

He quit high school and moved to L.A.
Found some work and decided to stay
Soon he carved out a niche
With a chance to get rich
From the comedy roles he could play

He teamed up with a comic named Bud
Who up until then was a dud
They created some skits
With their wiles and their wits
That were funny, just like Elmer Fudd

“Who’s on First” was a great bit of jest
That many still think was the best
That has ever been done
In the annals of fun
And can still make us laugh when we’re stressed

Lou Costello showed wonder and glee
When we saw him each week on TV
With his deviant mind
He was one of a kind
Such a jolly good fellow was he


Source: Tribute To Lou Costello, Limericks


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