a Space to Write

The topic: A Space to Write  The mission: share our writing habits with our readers.

Today is Day 6 of Writing 101 (and by the way, day one of Blogging 201. 2 online courses simultaneously! I must be nuts.) The topic above is our task for today.

So where do I write?  Well, I prefer to be sitting at my desk.  Yes, an actual physical desk. WIth desktop computer and keyboard.  But I am also surrounded by many other resources: a container full of pens (most of which actually write!), pads of paper, piles of sticky notes.  But since sometimes even I can’t read my own handwriting, I type.  This is my preferred, and most efficient way to write.

The reality is, sometimes, hubby wants to play chess online, or see what his buddies are doing over on The Book of Faces, so I then try to complete my blog writing on my tablet.  Now to fully understand this picture you need to know that 1) my tablet is the 7″ Nook/Samsung Galaxy, 2) my vision without contacts is 20/500 at best, and 3) I seem to have the world’s biggest fingers.  The results when typing on my tablet (even with a bluetooth keyboard) are pitiful!  (Ask my fellow bloggers – they can probably point ou with ease the comments that I type while using this method.!)

So, I will continue to use a full size keyboard and full screen computer to write.  Otherwise my typing may become as indecipherable as my handwriting!


By the way, you get to have a voice right here!

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