Show them the map


A friend and I once had a conversation about work.  She was concerned because, although she had a vision and plan as to how to develop and grow the ministry, no one else seemed to ‘get it.’  She had a clear plan, broken down into manageable and obtainable steps, but…  I finally asked her, ‘Did you share this with the others there?’ She thought and then asked me why she should.  I told her it was like going on a road trip with a group of people.  You have the map, but others are doing the driving.  But you won’t show them the map.  What sort of outcome can you expect?  Of course, you’re going to get lost.  SHOW THEM THE MAP.  She did and the ministry took off, and she was finally able to leave to pursue her own career goals!


So, here is my map for the rest of the year.  I share this with you, my blogging community, so that we can journey forward together!

  1. Finish Goodreads challenge – 13 books to go.  Concentrate of Dr. Amen’s book and the Christian NF books in my Nook
  2. Consistently post blog series – Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
  3. Read 10 blogs / week. 5 comments
  4. Reach weight loss target goal of 140-145 by 12/31
  5. Write down 3 things I am grateful for daily.

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