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What a weekend! Just spent Friday night and Saturday with Judi and 10,000 other women in Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia. I want to thank @SheilaWalsh -You are the woman I want to be when I grow up. @PatsyClairmont – you invest so much into empowering women, especially the next generation.   @LuciSwindoll – to see the radiant love and joy on your face as you sang praises tonight was nearly unbearable, like looking too long at the bright sunshine. @marilynmeberg -I love your teaching, so easy to listen to, yet so deep and real.  And @Thelmaw, what a pleasure to ‘meet’ Mama T for the first time- I wish I could live right next door, do I could soak up all your wisdom! It was such an amazing sisterhood time on The Porch!

 And Glennon Doyle Melton, @Momastery – wow. Truth teller. Encourager. Awesome. You are going to lead the next generation, maybe not on The Porch, but at The Coffee House, into deeper relationships with Jesus and each other.

I could go on, but I am so ready to crash! Thanks, and thanks, and evermore thanks!


I am a Daughter of the Almighty King, a 60-something knitter, reader, Oak Ridge Boys fan to the max!

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