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Who ya gonna call?

Dear reader,

I know you.  You are a seeker of Truth.

You have spent what seems like forever chasing truth and have not found what you seek.  You desire hope, a future, security.  You want to know that you are loved unconditionally, unreservedly.  You want to feel valuable, important, of infinite worth.  You need to know that someone cares for  you and about you.

You want answers.  Is life worth living?  Is there a purpose to why I am here?  Am I supposed to be doing something and if so, what?

I want to tell you that I do not have the answers you seek.  Why?  Because I am the same as you.  I have gone from the good little girl in catechism classes to New Age philosophers. I have wondered about the whys and wherefores (perhaps longer than you!) and not found the Truth on my own. So now what? As John Adams cries out in 1776, “Is anybody there? Does anybody care?”

Yes, someone is and does.  Oh, not me.  I’m in the same boat as you, remember?  You and I need to know where to look, who to call.  And just who, or what, is that?

Well, not the Ghostbusters – while “they ain’t afraid of no ghosts” they broke more things than they fixed.

Hollywood celebrities? I’m pretty sure most of them are looking for answers, too.  Politicians?  They can’t straighten out the world let alone anything else.  911?  Close, but not quite.

Remember when all our phone numbers began with 2 letters, then the numbers? (Guess I just gave you a clue to my age!)  How about trying this number:  JE-33-3.  Oh, you’re not familiar with that number/  Well, the long version is Jeremiah 33:3, and it is often called God’s phone number.

“Call me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things, that you have not known.”

Cool.  There are answers, but we need to take the first step towards finding them – we need to make the call and say, ‘Hey, are your there? Do you hear me?’  And he promises, ‘you will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.’

So, let’s take that first step, let’s make that call,  I will go with you if you want, but you don’t really need me.  The One you really need promised, “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”  Jesus’ promises are not for a lifetime – they are for eternity.


I am a Daughter of the Almighty King, a 60-something knitter, reader, Oak Ridge Boys fan to the max!

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