Every praise

                                Rancocas Valley SummerFest 2015

August 1st. The end of a wonderful, busy, hot, glorious day.  SummerFest is a day long event that our church puts together-this is our third year doing it. This year we had free carnival riders, free music, free kids’ games, free fireworks. We had food vendors come in, and the church sold hot dogs, burgers, chicken and pizza.  It was hot, muddy, a lot of work, time, and money. There were frayed nerves, exhausted staff, depleted resources.

BUT if one person had a good time, if one hurting soul found peace, if anyone discovered the Jesus loved them -specifically, individually, intimately- then it was worth it. And, from the joy on the face of our young friend, Jordan, it was a priceless day.


2 thoughts on “Every praise

  1. I love your great perspective on what constitutes a “successful” day. Truly anytime we touch someone in the Spirit, it makes the Kingdom visible. I’ve even had people attracted to Christ just by overhearing a conversation. My God bless you richly!

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