Summer fun

Okay, so it’s 8:15 pm and it’s 88 degrees out here!  Good grief, Charlie Brown!

But, as I’ve said before on this blog New Jersey weather is nuts.  This is day 3 of our second official heat wave so far for 2015, one more to go before it goes back to the 80’s.  But, it’s kinda nice out here tonight. Lots of birds chirping, hostas is full bloom.  The only downside is the dang air conditioner when it turns on.  It actually nearly drowns out the traffic from the road!

We haven’t seen the rabbits today – must be too hot for them to come chew on my hostas.  Maybe tomorrow.  The chipmunk, however, has been running back and forth and back and forth across the patio tonight. Rusty has been going a little crazy trying to chase him (when he sees him, that is. We don’t have the most observant dog in the world!)


But I love summer. For one thing, I’m only cold INSIDE! That’s always a plus.  Long days, fun things to do. that’s for me.  Oh, my plans?  Let’s see.  What about another Trenton Thunder game with hubby and friends.  An afternoon at Valenzano Winery for appetizers and wine tasting.  Walks in the park.  Maybe a picnic someplace.

Yes, summer is my time of year. So, go enjoy yours. I intend to!


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