A Legacy Continues

Sitting here, typing away on my Nook tablet, looking out the window of our Bird-In-Hand hotel at a green field, rabbits chasing around.  We spent the day at Zoo America, in Hershey, then took the trolley tour around town.  Hershey is impressive, not necessarily because of its appearance, but mainly for the character and legacy of Milton and Kitty Hershey.  They left a legacy of  service to others, of concern for building up the lives of children who seemingly did not have a future.

We have always enjoyed the trolley tour and learning more about the Hersheys,, but today we were very impressed by the trolley driver and guide.  Naturally, they knew their facts, but they had occasion to go ‘above and beyond’ today, and show that the legacy of Milton and Kitty continues to influence people even today.

At a stop by Founder’s Hall of the Milton Hershey School, a dad came to the front of the trolley to tell the guide that his toddler son was feeling sick.   Although there are no stops on the tour where people can get on or off the trolley, the driver and guide let the man and his son off, to see if the fresh air helped.  It quickly became apparent that it wasn’t helping.  So the guide called the mom and other child up and helped them to the pavement, finding a bag in case the little one did get ill.

In the meantime, the driver called back to the main office, and asked them to send a driver out with a car to take the family back to their car at Chocolate World, so they could take care of the toddler.  The tour guide, when asked, said that was the first time anything like that had happened to him.  You never would have know it – both he and the driver were unfailingly courteous, kind, and considerate of both the family and the other passengers.  How refreshing to meet nice people!  Milton and Kitty Hershey would have been proud.


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