Lost & Found


I just met some relatives I never knew.  The two ladies above are my grand-aunts, Kate Reinhard Gisel, and Julia Reinhard.  I have no idea which is which, but I suspect that Kate is the one seated, as she was the elder by several years.  Julia would have been about 18 at the estimated time of this photo, which was taken in Atlantic City, NJ.  According to the provenance “Abstract:  This is a studio portrait of the Reinhardt sisters – Julia and Kate (Giesel) in the form of a photo postcard by the Myers Cope Co., located at 1521 and 1885 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ.”

While Kate married and had children (my dad’s cousins), one of whom I knew and met often, Julia was a mystery.  She died at 24 years old, and according to the stories my grandfather told, married someone no one liked.  My grandfather disliked him so much that, when Julia died, grandpop went and took back the cut-glass items he had made for Julia!

Unfortunately, I cannot substantiate any of this, as I can find no record of Julia’s marriage.  Other than the cut-glass pitcher, which my brother (also a Phil) has.  Until I found this photo (thanks to a fellow resercher on Ancestry.com), that pitcher was the only tangilbe evidence of Julia’s life and death.  Now at least I have a face to go with the name!  Now, Julia is no longer a faceless entity, existing in a void of non-knowledge.

By the way, check out the Rutgers repository here to check for your unknown relatives!  It’s a treasure trove!  I found my grandfather at work, and my dad’s high school graduating class!  Check them out below!

PReinhard_policechief_abt 1920 PhilReinhardJr_HS class 1931

                      Grandpop is the tall dude on the right.         Dad is in the back row, first guy on the left!

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