Books and Friendship

I love talking with friends about books.  Today, my author friend +Maxine Thomas (Once Upon a Fable) stopped by the church office while waiting to pick up her grandson from school.  Naturally, the talk turned to books.  The conversation started when I showed her a crocheted sleeve for my e-reader that I made from a book, and we went from there.

We agreed that while e-readers are great for travel, and for those books you may not necessarily want taking up space on your bookshelf, there is nothing like having a real book in your hands.  With a paper-and-ink book you can make notes, highlight it, mark it up, love it.  Can’t do that with a piece of machinery!

Of course, her grandson is appalled that Maxine writes in her books, so I imagine I’d get the same reaction from him if he ever say mine!   Writing in our favorite books becomes a way to identify with the characters or the message, to cross-reference facts, to make notes of what we have learned.

For me, this habit is especially evident in my Bibles. (I confess that I  have several different ones – study Bibles, key word Bibles, different translations.)  All of them are highlighted, underlined.  Margins are filled with notes from my studying or from a sermon.  Some places look like flow charts, with circles and arrows and symbols.  But why?

For me, it is a reminder.  When I see certain symbols or colors, I remember what that passage spoke to me about, how it related to my life.  Sometimes I find an encouragement, sometimes a warning.  But always I find a friend – in every place I have written, I find Jesus conversing with me.  It’s a precious thing.

And after all, isn’t that what it’s all about – our relationship to the best friend we can ever have, Jesus?


(Oh, and by the way, check out Maxine’s book Very Truly Yours !)


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