I just realized how long since I have ‘taken pen to paper’ (metaphorically, of course!)  But sometimes the busyness of life distracts us, keeping us occupied just ‘getting things done,’ and seldom, if ever, thinking about important things.  Friends, for instance.

We are not made to exist in a vacuum.  We were created for fellowship – fellowship with God, first and foremost, but also fellowship with our fellow human beings, our friends and family.  I experienced the sweetness of that fellowship last Saturday.

My life is blessed by the friendship of a lovely lady named Vitie.  Vitie is 94 years old, and going strong most of the time.  Last weekend, we drove up to Lancaster, PA., with her friend Nelda (who admits to 90), and Vitie’s daughter and friend.  We went to see The Oak Ridge Boys at the American Music Theater.  (Great group, by the way!)

We talked all day (except when the Boys were singing, of course!) about everything.  Now Vitie likes to use her age like an ace in the hole.  Several times, in the course of arranging the day, and while with her, she would say something like, “I’m 94, and told Richard to get the tickets for everyone.”  Or “I’m 94 – I’m going to pay for …. ” (fill in whatever.)  But what impresses me most about Vitie is her faith.  She may not be able to do everything she may have done in the past to serve in her church, but she still attends the ladies’ Bible study, still spends a good deal of time praying.  What an example of faithfulness!  Thanks, Vitie!

Oh, and thanks once again, #Richard!  You’ve always been my favorite Oak!

(Just as a treat, here is one of my favorite gospel songs, “Why Me?” by the ‘Boys’!)

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