Happy New Year!

Here it is, New Year’s Eve of 2013.  I was just browsing through Facebook for a couple of minutes, and it seems everyone is making resolutions.  So, I figured, why not?  So here are mine.

1. Listen to God more.  Enough of going to the Lord with a ‘grocery list’ of asking and wanting.  Give me the ears to hear You with this year, Father!

2.  Keep my mouth shut more!  I tend to stick my foot in it more often than not.

3.  Remain faithful in my service to Him, in the small group I co-lead, in work, in the Women’s Ministry.

And for fun, 4. Learn some Asian recipes from the http://rasamalaysia.com/ blog!  (Thanks to House Hunters International today for showing the name of the blog – looks way cool, and can’t wait to try!)

So, happy 2014 to everyone, and may you have a blessed year!



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