Birthday Surprises

I have had my share of birthday surprises from the weather – rain, sunshine, snow, blizzards.  I remember my first year in college, in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I had my last final at 9:00am, and the girl I was driving home with had hers at 1:00pm.  As I sat in my dorm waiting for her, the snow began to fall heavily; it would warm the air enough that it would turn to rain.  That would cause it to get colder and it would turn to snow.   By the time 2:00pm rolled around, there was 3 feet of snow interspersed with layers of ice.  And we had a 3 hour drive.  Arrgh!

But today was surely a first in my life – we went to the Towne of Historic Smithville today, and walked around window shopping.  Without coats.  In 70 degree weather.  IN NEW JERSEY!  Good grief, Charlie Brown!  And by Wednesday, Christmas Day, it will be 30 degrees again!

Can someone tell me how you can possibly plan your wardrobe with weather like that?  I mean, really, I put the summer clothes away 2 months ago.  Oh, well.  I’m dreaming of a green Christmas?


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