What a beautiful word.  It comes from a Hebrew root, and is usually translated as “Praise the Lord!”   At this time of year, it is especially appropriate to shout “Hallelujah” as we celebrate the incarnation of The Lord God on earth in His Son, Jesus.

You hear the word in church services, in Christmas carols, as shouts of acclamation and praise from people, but one of the most beautiful uses of the word was by Georg Frederick Handel.  Of course, I refer to the chorus in him mighty work, The Messiah, the “Hallelujah Chorus.”  If you have never heard it, listen to it today!  It is said that when King George of England heard it for the first time, he was so moved that he rose to his feet.  Now, in England, especially then, if the monarch stood up, everyone stood up.  So, to this day, whenever this chorus is performed, the entire audience will rise to their feet.

However, one of my favorite versions of this song was done a few years back.  I have to crack up every time I watch this, and I include it here for your enjoyment!  Praise the Lord!


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