NJ – Stronger than the …..Snow?

Everyone you talk to here in New Jersey, up until 2 weeks ago, was saying, “Oh we won’t have to worry about snow – we never get any anymore!”  My comment (sometimes spoken, sometimes not) was, “Really?  When has one winter in NJ dictated how the next would be?”  Every year, it seems it’s something different around here!

Last winter – relatively mild, little precipitation, not too horrible.  (Can you guess winter in NOT my favorite season?)  A year or two ago, we had to shovel a path across our back patio into the grass so the dog could ‘take care of business.”    Rusty in snow

8 years ago, we got blasted with snow nearly every other weekend.  Timing is everything in New Jersey – it always seemed to clear up just in time for Monday!  Go figure.

So, I was probably one of the few NOT surprised last Sunday (when the weatherman predicted 1-3 inches) that the snow started around 11:30 am instead of 1 pm, rapidly grew to white-out conditions as we tried to drive home from church, and dumped Burlington county with anywhere from 4 to 10 inches.  And then it snowed again on Tuesday.  What I really don’t understand is people who have lived their entire lives in this sort of climate, who, one, don’t know when to wear boots, gloves, etc, and complain when they are cold, or fall, or whatever, and, two, don’t know how to drive in snow!

The ones I especially love are those people (usually men, but sometimes ladies as well) who declare quite adamantly, “I don’t have to worry about ice or snow – I have four-wheel drive!”  That just means all four wheels are spinning on the ice at the same time, in the same direction, pal!  I do wish the car manufacturers would put out an ad that explains what 4-wheel drive is (extra traction on snowy, or muddy roads) and what it is not (ice gripping magic for your vehicle.)  Oh, well, that’s New Jersey and it’s drivers.

Just a word of caution to all of you holiday travellers out there – if there is snow on the roads, go around New Jersey!  Just saying!

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