The Sisterhood of the Small-Group!

I have 7 new sisters.  No, long-lost septuplet siblings did not suddenly show up at my door one day.  These wonderful ladies came into my life through a small group that I agreed to co-lead at our church, which I have mentioned here before.

Our first First Place 4 Health session ended last night with a celebratory (and healthy!) dinner to which we all contributed.  As I sat around the table, in our sanctuary decorated for Christmas, with the worship team rehearsing for Sunday up on the stage, I was struck by how much I have come to appreciate the unique gifts of each of these wonderful women:  Louise, with her dry humor but oh-so-loving heart; Cindy, so willing to accept a new challenge; Carol, so gentle and sweet; Shirley, who was not afraid to be transparent and real with us; Susan, a lady who encourages others while struggling herself; and Lolita, who spiritual insights have amazed us all.  And of course, my co-leader, Marcia – always putting herself out there, and willing to take on something she believes in.

Ladies, I love you all, and wish each of the Merriest of Christmases this year, and can’t wait until we gather again for a new session in January.  And may each of you who read this find yourself wonderful sisters, or brothers, in Christ as I have this year!  As Tiny Tim said, “God bless us everyone!”


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