Betty and Me

I don’t know why I like the romance novels of Betty Neels.  Yes, they were simple stories, originally published by Mills & Boon in England, but ever since I found the first Harlequin edition of one of her books in a used paperback bookstore, I have enjoyed reading them.  Mostly she wrote about English nurses and Dutch doctors.  Odd choice?  Not really – she herself had been a nurse in England, and married a Dutch man, although not a doctor.  After World War II ended, she and her husband moved back to Holland to live for thirteen years.

Maybe it’s that fact that makes her descriptions of Holland and its places so real, and maybe that’s what I like most.  I myself have only been to Holland once.  I had booked a Rhine River cruise from Amsterdam to Strasburg, back around 1990 or so.  I added a few days stay in Amsterdam before the ship sailed, so I could see something of the city.  I loved it!  I wanted more!

Perhaps that is the appeal of her books to me – Holland!  Biking along a country road.  Canal boats around the city (I DID get to do that, at least!)  Friesland, Den Haag.  Leeuwarden.  All those other exotic sounding towns and regions!

Certainly the plots were not exotic or unexpected – girl meets (usually older) man, she is…(poor)… (orphaned)…(stranded).. some other circumstance that necessitates her being rescued in some fashion.  Man falls in love, she doesn’t know it.  Or she falls in love and he doesn’t know it.  At any rate, they marry and fall in love together- oddly enough, often in that order!  But who cares?  They are fun reads, interesting people, and interesting places.

Betty Neels wrote aver 120 titles before her death in 2001.  So far, I have only found about 22-25 to read and/or own.  Thank goodness for digital readers – can you imagine the room needed to shelve 120+ paperbacks?    Just saying.

Here are the ones I have read so far.  How about you?

  • Always and Forever
  • A Christmas Wish
  • The Course of True Love
  • Discovering Daisy
  • Emma’s Wedding
  • The Final Touch
  • A Girl Named Rose
  • A Good Wife
  • Henrietta’s Own Castle
  • An Independent Woman
  • An Innocent Bride
  • Matilda’s Wedding
  • Ring in a Teacup
  • Two Weeks to Remember
  • A Valentine for Daisy
  • Wish with the Candles
  • The Mistletoe Kiss
  • Roses and Champagne
  • Uncertain Summer
  • Winter of Change
  • Year’s Happy Ending
  • Heidelberg Wedding


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