Over Extended?

What a weekend!  It actually started on Wednesday – I invited the fourth-grade son of our pastor to spend the afternoon with me, food shopping, cooking and having dinner, so he could enjoy one of his favorite dishes re-engineered!  (He loves Mac’n’Cheese, and I have a recipe for a Macaroni Meat Pie.)  We had fun, and he seemed to enjoy himself.  His parents said he had fun.  Then, on Thursday after work, Steve and I went to Arm and Hammer Stadium, to see the Trenton Thunder playoff game.  It’s a good thing it wasn’t the night before, when it went 10 innings before someone actually got a run!  I hate sitting through games like that, as I am not a baseball fan.

Then on Friday after work, on our 10th anniversary, I drove over to Philadelphia with 3 women from church, to meet 24 other of our church ladies, plus 9000 or so other ladies at the Wells Fargo Center for Women of Faith 2013: “Believe God Can Do Anything.”  It was amazing, but then I had to drive my carload home, grab some time with my honey, and jump in bed to be ready to drive back Saturday at 7 am!  Whoa!  I crashed into bed about 9:30 pm because we needed to usher on Sunday!

Of course, it didn’t stop there!  Wednesday we went to a Trenton Thunder championship series game, worked Thursday, attended a funeral for a friend’s husband at the church in the afternoon, left home with Steve Friday morning for Historic Smithville and Cape May for an anniversary overnight getaway, met friends from Somers Point for dinner at Fed & Ethel’s Lantern Light restaurant, and then drove to Cape May on Saturday morning, after spending the night in the Colonial Inn at Smithville.  Whew.  Maybe this week will be calmer!

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