I Wonder How This Will Turn Out –

I found the following photos on my flash drive.  I remember taking them one winter evening when I let the dog out- the moon was so beautiful peeking through the lace of the winter-dead tree branches.  So I got out a canvas and my paints.  Right now I have a half yellow/copper and half midnight  purple/ misty lavender block on the canvas.  I guess time will tell if I can capture the mood and beauty of a winter moon!

Praise the LORD that He can create beauty with only a spoken Word, and it is good!  And beautiful. And perfect.  Unlike us.  But He doesn’t ask us to be perfect.  He is.  He doesn’t ask us to save ourselves – He did.  He sent His perfect Son to save us.  Why?  That’s the biggest mystery of all time.  And does He want sacrifices, and offerings, and this and that?  No.  As Pastor Scott pointed out this morning, He says ‘Walk with Me.”   Wow!  So simple, yet so hard for us to forget ‘trying hard enough’, ‘doing good enough’, ‘being worthy enough!”

Walk with Me.  Worth trying.

Winter moon2 Winter moon1


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