Outside the Box

God is good!

Today First Baptist Church of Mount Holly  (FBC) went outside the box.  Literally.  Last evening was the third annual ‘Battle’ of the Worship Bands, held outside under some awesome tents (Thank you, @Ocean Tents!)  This morning, we used the same tents, and held our morning worship service outdoors!  It was amazing.

Darren and the worship team were fantastic as always, and Pastor Scott’s sermon asked each of us some pointed questions about what we hold as ‘truth’.  Do we want The Truth, or do we want our ‘truth’?  Because it can’t be both ways.  Jesus says He is The Truth, so we need to let go – of our fears, our agendas, our so-called needs and wants, and allow God to speak His Truth into our lives daily.

During the service, the rains came!  Yikes!  We had a ton of food to put out for our annual church picnic, and it’s pouring!  I was praying , Later, Lord, please!  Wouldn’t you know, by the time the food was ready, the rain had subsided to a slow drip, and by the time we finished eating the the kids were ready to play, the sun was out!

Yes, God is good!  Good worship, good message, good time!  PTL.

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